“What used to take an hour now takes two minutes with Advantage Data.”

– Buy-Side Analyst

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“With the click of a button, Advantage Data gives me all the bond information I need.”

– Sell-Side Analyst

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“Advantage Data is my go-to platform for fixed income pricing and analytics. It is much more intuitive and user-friendly than Bloomberg.”

– Investment Banker

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Advantage Data is an indispensable tool. With a couple of clicks we get full access to a BDC portfolio company‚Äôs entire loan history, and every conceivable detail we need to evaluate facility, pricing, valuation, etc.”

– BDC Professional

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“Advantage Data is great!”

– Inter-Broker Dealer

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Advantage Data provides an unparalleled range of patented features within fifteen products and services and five data delivery methods.

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Increase the value of your data with ADI’s proprietary analytics, credit data, workflow tools, data delivery choices and more.

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Finance professionals access Advantage Data’s comprehensive fixed-income platform for end-of-day valuation, research, compliance functions, and more.

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