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BDC Earnings Calendar Q3 2020 – Full List of BDCs

Posted on October 28, 2020

Are you prepared for the current Business Development Companies filing season? Are you working remotely and spending more time searching for available filing data for your team to analyze? Are you still wasting time aggregating data when you could be analyzing data to draw meaningful conclusions?

What’s stopping you? Subscribe to the award-winning The BDC Advantage and access all line items of the schedule of investments, standardized to one uniform format, within 8 hours of the filing release.

The BDC Advantage is an interactive platform where users can view and download current and historical BDC’s holdings data and relevant analytics by seniority quickly and easily — all on one screen. Investment data is fed through proprietary algorithms to generate security-level and portfolio level statistics. Investments are also mapped together to link exposure across the capital structure, link multiple BDCs’ exposure and look back through time to track changes historically.

Manipulate and screen through schedules of investments from the top down or do in-depth individual security analysis. Comparing BDCs is easy with AdvantageData. Review quarterly filings side by side with just a selection of a drop-down menu. Choose one BDC, all of them, or any number in between — users are in control of how they see the data. BDCs can be filtered by private or public offering, AUM range, and more.

Exporting data from BDC Advantage is as simple as clicking a button. The data users select on their screen can be exported as an excel file, ready to format any way they like.

AdvantageData’s mission is to provide extremely cost-effective products that ease the burden of financial professionals. BDC Advantage aims to save users time and increase their team’s productivity. Stop spending hours aggregation quarterly filings; instead, spend that time turning data into deals.

To learn more about the BDC Advantage, or to schedule an introductory call with a BDC and Direct Lending Specialist, please request a free trial.


Earnings Calendar Q3 2020

OXSQ Oxford Square Capital Corp. 10/28/2020
FDUS Fidus Invment Corp 10/29/2020
HTGC Hercules Capital Inc. 10/29/2020
CSWC Capital Southwest Corp. 10/30/2020
SCM Stellus Capital Invment Corp. 10/30/2020
TCRD First Eagle Alternative Capital BDC, Inc. (THL) 11/2/2020
CPTA Capitala Finance Corp. 11/3/2020
HRZN Horizon Technology Finance Corp. 11/3/2020
BKCC BlackRock Capital Invment Corporation 11/4/2020
GAIN Gladstone Invment Corporation 11/4/2020
MRCC Monroe Capital 11/4/2020
NMFC New Mountain Finance 11/4/2020
ORCC Owl Rock Capital Corp. 11/4/2020
PSEC Prospect Capital 11/4/2020
TSLX Sixth Street Specialty Lending, Inc. 11/4/2020
SSSS SURO Capital Corp. 11/4/2020
SCP Private Credit Income BDC LLC 11/4/2020-Estimated
TCW Direct Lending LLC 11/4/2020-Estimated
TCW Direct Lending VII LLC 11/4/2020-Estimated
AINV Apollo Invment Corp 11/5/2020
BCSF Bain Capital Specialty Finance Inc. 11/5/2020
TCPC Blackrock TCP Capital Corp. 11/5/2020
GSBD Goldman Sachs BDC 11/5/2020
MAIN Main Street Capital Corp. 11/5/2020
SLRC Solar Capital 11/5/2020
SUNS Solar Senior Capital 11/5/2020
CGBD TCG BDC Inc. 11/5/2020
TPVG TriplePoint Venture Growth BDC Corp. 11/5/2020
HCAP Harvest Capital Credit 11/6/2020
OFS OFS Capital 11/6/2020
PTMN Portman Ridge 11/6/2020
RAND Rand Capital Corp. 11/6/2020
Crescent Capital BDC Inc. 11/6/2020-Estimated
Goldman Sachs Middle Market Lending Corp. 11/6/2020-Estimated
Goldman Sachs Private Middle Market Credit Corp. 11/6/2020-Estimated
OWL Rock Capital Corp. II 11/6/2020-Estimated
Owl Rock Technology Finance Corp 11/6/2020-Estimated
BBDC Barings BDC 11/9/2020
SVVC Firsthand Technology Value Fund Inc. 11/9/2020
FSK FS KKR 11/9/2020
ICMB Investcorp Credit Management BDC 11/9/2020
WHF WhiteHorse Finance 11/9/2020
Guggenheim Credit Income Fund 11/9/2020-Estimated
TCG BDC II, Inc 11/9/2020-Estimated
GARS Garrison Capital (to merge with Portman) 11/10/2020
GLAD Gladstone Capital Corp. 11/10/2020
Business Development Corp. Of America 11/12/2020-Estimated
Mackenzie Realty Capital Inc. 11/12/2020-Estimated
EQS Equus Total Return 11/13/2020
Cion Invment Corp. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Hancock Park Corporate Income Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Hms Income Fund Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Princeton Capital Corporation 11/13/2020-Estimated
Prospect Flexible Income Fund, Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Runway Growth Credit Fund Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Terra Income Fund 6 Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Venture Lending & Leasing IX Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Venture Lending & Leasing VII, Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
Venture Lending & Leasing VIII Inc. 11/13/2020-Estimated
AB Private Credit Invors Corp. 11/14/2020-Estimated
Audax Credit BDC Inc. 11/14/2020-Estimated
Blackstone / GSO Secured Lending Fund 11/14/2020-Estimated
Flat Rock Capital Corp. 11/14/2020-Estimated
FS Energy & Power Fund 11/14/2020-Estimated
FS KKR Capital Corp. II 11/14/2020-Estimated
GECC Great Elm Capital Corp. 11/14/2020-Estimated
NexPoint Capital Inc. 11/14/2020-Estimated
Sierra Income Corp. 11/14/2020-Estimated
PFLT PennantPark Floating Rate Capital 11/18/2020
OCSL Oaktree Specialty Lending Corp. 11/19/2020
OCSI Oaktree Strategic Income Corp. 11/19/2020
PNNT Pennant Park Invment 11/19/2020
GBDC Golub Capital 12/1/2020
Golub Capital BDC 3 Inc. 12/5/2020-Estimated
MCC Medley Capital Corp. 12/14/2020
Oaktree Strategic Income II 12/18/2020-Estimated

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