Credit Data


Fifteen asset classes comprised from over 2,000 distinct sources

Descriptive Information

200 descriptive data fields and covenant information for bonds. Loan data is supported by original credit agreements


Comprehensive bond and loan holdings available by security, buy-side firm, sector, currency and more

Proprietary Analytics

Market Analytics

Yield & Spread calculations (to any benchmark), Premium, % Premium and Parity, OAS, Effective Duration & Convexity, Ratings, Z-Score and many other calculations

Credit Indices

Proprietary indices that track the global credit market

Research Reports

Access sell-side research from over 200 Wall Street and independent research firms (available to buy-side users) and in-house daily market reports back to 2004

Workflow Tools


Integrate the entire scope of the Advantage Data Workstation by SOLVE and track entire capital structure, compare to market indices, equities, and other market benchmarks


Create custom portfolios and track pricing, descriptive and analytical data

Index Builder

Create and track custom indices across the credit market

New Issuance Data & Analytics

Manipulate, chart and download current and historical new issuance

Data Delivery


Fixed income data, analytics, and workflow tools all in one place: your desktop

Excel Add-in

Customize your own templates or use ours to access SOLVE market data and analytics right in Excel


Inform your decisions with the most up-to-date information, news, and analytics. SOLVE offers our content delivered directly to your existing workflow solutions

Data Feeds

SOLVE can support the delivery of many different data sets in any format

Custom Solutions

Custom data and analytics requests which leverage SOLVEā€™s speed and scale to deliver reports and insights to clients in a fraction of the time that it would take to do in-house

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