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Women in Finance: Have Faith

Posted on October 30, 2020



By: Gina L. Robert, COO and General Counsel at Advantage Data

As I look out my window, from my home office, after eight months of working at home, it is snowing on October 30!  Granted, I live in New England, but still. So much has happened quickly, and what will happen next seems even more precarious as election day approaches.

Yet all around me, hope springs eternal for me, my firm, and women in the workplace. From Citibank to Wellington Management to the re-elected President of New Zealand, women are leading. I have recently had the privilege to spend an intense three weeks all virtual with some of the brightest up and coming and established business leaders in the world. Yes, the world. This cohort included leaders from the US, Europe, Singapore, Kuwait, Lebanon, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. I sensed that these leaders, who would commit to a virtual learning process during a pandemic, would probably be exceptional, but candidly I had no idea what so many had to offer. They care about being better in the workplace and the world.  A eutopia, maybe, but no. In their responses and contributions, I saw leaders who will help us bridge the barriers that might leave some of us behind in our careers.  These barriers might be gender, sexuality, religion, race, age, or a combination of all of the above. Have faith! Some leaders will take action by listening and hiring and promoting from a diverse talent pool both at the entry-level and, yes, through all levels of management.

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About the Author

Gina was one of AdvantageData’s (ADI) first employees, then just a fledgling startup, in 1999. In the early days, Gina was active in all business aspects of the company. Having received her bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and completing her law degree in Boston, Gina was ready for the endless hard work of building a company, especially with an idea and a founding team that inspired her.

Being one of only a few women to hold a C-Suite position in the data industry, Gina has made it a priority to encourage other women to reach for those leadership roles and aspire to positions traditionally held by men. Gina has been an advocate of diversity and inclusion at AdvantageData, providing opportunities for women in business development, data analytics, operations, and accounting.

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